Fitness Tech

Onwards & Upwards: Increasing Scope, Adoption & Personalisation

While connected fitness, wearables, virtual reality, and augmented reality now seem standard in a fit-tech conversation, a new connected digital training space has emerged in 2023. Personalisation of health and fitness programmes with AI provides customised instructions based on physical, health conditions and fitness objectives. Technology (SaaS, apps) platforms are being leveraged more widely by operators to enable a more guided member training experience and to enhance holistic wellbeing. Wearables and trackers now monitor stress, sleep, and other mental health indicators to tailor to an individuals’ physical fitness, mental fitness and nutritional wellbeing goals. In addition, feature enhancements in other areas, i.e., body scanning technology, are helping operators leverage this technology and its capabilities more and more. Overall, 2023 has seen fit-tech strive to be all encompassing and more accessible to every demographic.

Evolt 360 is a health technology company specialising in driving partner revenues and member’s results through body composition scanning. In 2023 we saw tremendous growth, with over 2 million registered users, a footprint now in 48 countries and significant recent customer signings including GoodLife Fitness Canada, Jetts Australia, as well as vertical market expansion with large corporations including health insurer HCF. After an initial $12M Capital raise, we have just raised a further $5M in funding to fuel our continued global growth in a round led by Bell Potter. We are now fully focussing on global expansion in 2024. 

Ed Zouroudis

Co-Founder & CEO
Evolt IoH

2023 has been our year of new innovation. New Products, Services, and Digital Solutions for our customers. We work in the best industry in the world, and one which will play an increasingly important role in helping people live healthier happier lives. I have no doubt that Les Mills is beautifully placed to continue to change the world!

Clive Ormerod

Group CEO
Les Mills International

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