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Sydney Pole is the world’s largest pole dancing brand, whose mission is to bring people together through the power of pole dance. With a decade in business, 10 studio locations and 2M+ hours taught, they know what it takes to run boutique fitness at scale and foster a community of inspired, empowered students. Backed by an experienced team, a world class pole curriculum and 100+ instructors, they are ready to support you opening your own studio.


Sydney Pole
Executive Chairman
Sydney Pole

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Offering a welcome change from traditional gyms, our boutique studios provide a strong, community centric experience to our customer base. For franchisees, our system has an affordable entry price coupled with a proven 3 year plan to develop highly successful studios in existing and greenfield environments.

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250+ sqm

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After having grown to 10 studios in 10 years, we’ve learned more about running pole dancing studios than anyone on the planet. In 2021/22 we’ve made significant investments in our training infrastructure, systems & procedures and vendor relationships. This uniquely positions us to take our concepts into a franchise domain, and with our first mover advantage, bring boutique pole fitness to every corner of the globe.
Robyn Kelynack
CEO of Sydney Pole

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