Corporate Wellness

Rethinking Holistic Wellbeing for Remote & Hybrid Workforces

Corporate wellness is finally becoming a top priority, with a renewed focus on proactive health measures and holistic wellness approaches, including mental wellbeing. Companies are adopting personalised well-being programs, optimising hybrid and remote work structures, and offering resources like wellness apps/platforms, therapeutic services, sleep aids, wearables, financial literacy programs, nutritional advice, meditation guides, physical workshops and digital content, in addition to traditional medical benefits. Prioritizing employee well-being can also be seen in progressive policies such as a 3/4-day workweek, full-service locker rooms with amenities, unlimited paid time off (UPTO) for flexible monthly holidays, and the introduction of unlimited social impact time-off (SITO). This continued shift from traditional, reactive healthcare to more holistic wellbeing benefits, aligns better with today’s more dynamic hybrid workplace. The (endless) quest to balance employee happiness, inclusivity and engagement, whilst improving productivity and retention, continues with aplomb.

AUSactive’s Fit for Office campaign was undoubtedly the highlight of 2023. Having twenty-six Members of Federal Parliament, of all political persuasions, representing all Australian States and Territories participating in physical activities of their choice over a four-week period has provided the Association with an unparalleled solid base for future advocacy. The campaign has resulted in public endorsements by most participants, across all forms of media, of the critical role exercise and physical activity will increasingly play in the nation’s preventive health environment accompanied by support for a national public health campaign encouraging movement.

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Our combination with HealthComp creates a new category in the health space that will change the way employers address the two-fold challenge of reducing costs and improving member outcomes. Together, we are addressing a problem that has plagued the industry for years – a misaligned, complex benefit structure that results in unmet needs and escalating costs. We are eliminating waste, friction, and preventable risks by putting members and their needs at the center of the ecosystem.

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