Founder and CEO

CXA Group

Rosaline Chow Koo

Rosaline invested $5M of her savings and borrowed another $5M to build CXA after 5 years trying to convince her NYC-HQ MNC to invest in Asia. Now CXA’s award-winning platform has over 500 clients and 766,000 users across 20 countries in Asia. Rosaline supervised Procter & Gamble factory lines in Iowa and then worked at Bankers Trust on Wall Street. She launched two dot-com start-ups before moving to ACE Insurance. Rosaline also grew Mercer Marsh Benefits’ 14 APAC countries 800% over 8 years. She graduated from UCLA Cybernetics and Columbia Business School. Rosaline won the Executive of the Year Award 2019 by FIT Summit Asia, the Woman of the Year Award at the 22nd Asia Insurance Review Awards (2018) and the Top Asia CEO Award 2018 by Influential Brands.

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