Content & Community Manager

Beyond Activ

Esther Leong

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Esther ran a successful business venture selling online clothing while pursuing her degree in Business Marketing at the same time. As a designer and marketer with a passion for new ideas and designs, she sought out marketing positions in a variety of industries including the arts sector and FMCG brands to expand her competence.

Having joined the FIT Summit, she is fascinated by the ever growing and flourishing industry of health, fitness and wellness and is eager to expand her knowledge in this field as well as developing and discovering innovative ways to build and nurture relationships within the online community of fitness, health and wellness experts.

Additionally, Esther fulfills several passions and interests, including acting, commercial modelling and voice-overs for local brands.
Among her favorite hobbies are nature walks, travel, HIIT workouts, pilates, playing the piano and spending time with her two cats outdoors.