Beyond Activ

Daylin Limonte

Back home in Cuba I studied Computer Sciences. Although I’ve never been a fan of technology. Following my mom’s steps, I then went to a music school specialising in the clarinet. Soon after I came to Singapore where I took a Higher Diploma in Mass Communication. Jack of all trades… that’s right! I was working in the oil & gas industry in 2014 when I met Ross. Although we were in the same office, I wasn’t part of his team back then but I was lucky enough to click with him and his gang. In August 2018 Ross asks me if I knew anyone who would like to take the marketing role at FIT Summit. It took me 3 minutes to reply and propose myself for the role. It sounded like an amazing industry to be at plus having Ross as a leader was a no-brainer. Today I feel very proud of having made that shift. I feel proud of being part of this highly motivated and energetic team that makes the most difficult tasks seem as easy as a workout. And I feel super proud of being in the fitness and wellness industry – an industry with a tremendous growth potential and to which we are committed. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the bagpipes (uillean pipes), dancing salsa, exercising or taking my son Caleb for nature walks. Among my favourite workouts are boxing, spinning, strength training and nothing better than a yoga class in between to relax those muscles!