Kymberly Puah

Partner Development Manager

With a background and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Kymberly has always had an interest in health and wellness. Having been in the Rhythmic Gymnastics team as a child and a part time Barre Instructor for the past 4 years, fitness is also a fundamental aspect of Kymberly’s routine. Lifting has also become a non negotiable in Kymberly’s fitness regime and being in this industry allows for her to explore her growing passion for this hobby. With a background in business development as an intern at University, Kymberly entered into Beyond Activ right upon graduation, which has been the best decision she’s made (besides adopting her tom cat). Beyond Activ has been very complementary to Kymberly’s life as it allows for her to travel widely, network and absorb industrial knowledge like a sponge, giving her the opportunity to grow and mature both personally and professionally. Kymberly is pumped for what there is to come in the future with Beyond Activ!