General Manager


Karen Abdelsattar

Karen is a highly experienced, and recognized Business Leader in the Health, Wellness & Fitness arena. Coming with 20 + years’ experience spanning across Southern Africa and 14 of those years spent in the Gulf Region. She is an expert when it comes to new brand creation and club development, right from construction and planning phase, to open some of the most recognized brands in the GCC. Karen was one of the very first Female Leaders to develop a renowned Fitness Brand in Saudi Arabia (EVOX Fitness), at a time when Saudi was only just emerging as a player in the fitness market. Karen has worked with both large, commercial fitness brands, as well as boutique, international studios & leisure clubs, bringing so many different dimensions into the wellness/fitness space. Having led projects to success in UAE, Kuwait, KSA & Qatar, Karen is well known, followed and admired by many for her leadership style and hands on approach, and it is to this end she attributes her success. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – motto to live by!

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