COO, Europe & Africa


Joanna Dase

Curves Joanna Dase Bio As COO for Curves Europe & Africa & Senior International Director – Consulting on Franchise Operations, Joanna fulfils a diverse role ultimately driving sustainable growth. Since joining Curves, as a member in 2003, Joanna has owned multiple franchisees and served in various international capacities, primarily responsible for franchise club operation, the development of franchise support service and business sustainability. Sharing leadership responsibility with a Texan entrepreneur during the company’s growth from infancy into an international industry leader, to the acquisition by a private equity company and ultimately to ownership by a Japanese corporation, the learning has been immense. Joanna is proud to have shared in strengthening the lives of millions of women in fitness and business internationally and works tirelessly to support the Curves mission, which is solidly built upon established Values, including creating a community of caring support and integrity. The current challenge includes balancing the learning and strengths of the past, with embracing the new reality by fulfilling her passion for developing the talents of individuals who perpetuate synergy within the system. During her 18 years in the industry Joanna has served the maximum term as board member of EHFA, (European Health and Fitness Association) representing the varied industry stakeholders and supervising the execution of the agreed strategy and objectives. Joanna graduated from Thomas Edison with a degree in Public and Social Services – Fitness and Wellness, has studied cultural diversity and fitness and was credited by eREPS as a Fitness Director.

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