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Gionata D’Alesio

This is Gionata D’Alesio, Founder & President at Reaxing in Italy (former President & CEO at Queenax). In 2010 we invented and developed Queenax, the most complete modular system for functional and suspension training and we made of it an international success (subsequently acquired by Precor in July 2015). 

In 2015 we launched our new project called REAXING. REAXING is the first company in the world to have developed a training methodology and a range of products based on the “SUDDEN DYNAMIC IMPULSE”, our concept and our patented technology. 

LINKING, PROCESSING, REACTING are the cornerstones of our training methodology. It starts from the involvement of our sensory systems, through sudden and unpredictable inputs, coming from the environment that surrounds the user (REPORT). And we proceed through more elaborate neural processes, than most training methods (PROCESSING), in order to obtain a more correct and more efficient neuro-muscular response (REACTION).

The REAXING TRAINING METHOD provides controlled and verified series of sensory and environmental interference. The strong sensory activation leads the neuro-motor processes to involve the cortical portion of the central nervous system. This process allows the user to enrich his library of motor patterns and leads him to become more efficient and capable in managing motor gestures (ordinary or sporting) and in dealing with unexpected situations.

REAXING is a REAL ACCELERATOR OF RESULTS. The concept of reassurance forces the user to activate more elaborate neural processes and involves a range of muscle fibers in order to allow the execution of motor patterns. The benefits are: increased metabolic activity, better responsiveness, more efficient neural processes, shorter post-trauma recovery, prevention of trauma injury or falling accidentally. For this reason, the biggest and best Fitness Club Chains, International Professional Sports Teams, famous Coaches and well-known athletes have already chosen Reaxing.

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