Alan Myers

Alan Myers is the CEO of Fitstop Asia Pacific, one of the fastest growing functional fitness franchises. Endorsed by more than 20 years of experience within the health and wellness industry, Alan specialises in Franchising and Business Development. He has successfully supported the growth of a number of industry leading franchise networks, one of which has grown to over 260 locations within Australia and New Zealand. Alan’s extensive experience focused on business strategy, combined with his exceptional leadership skills, have been an integral part in contributing to Fitstop’s overall expansion, growing 18 locations into more than 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand. Fitstop are now looking to establish their footprint into Asia and the United States.

Alan is focused on building a franchise network that is unique within the fitness industry. His vision is to create a high performance culture with a network that is established on a foundation of strong relationships, transparent communication, and a collaborative environment; something he believes isn’t normally seen within the Fitness Franchise Sector. Alan’s strength lies in his ability to empower teams to build business foundations through improved processes and systems which drive performance, ensuring longevity and sustainability for franchise networks (inclusive of the franchisor and franchisee). In Alan’s early life, he spent 11 years in the Victorian Police Force which developed his leadership skills and built the early foundations for success with strengths in process, communication, negotiation and accountability which he has successfully transferred into the business world.