Offering women options throughout these monumental milestones (pregnancy and birth) in their life will not only help them see your brand as an inclusive and supportive one, but also retain them as a super loyal client for years to come.

shape-Light-Blue.pngAn Underserved Need: Movement in Pregnancy & The Post Partum Rebuild  

140 million women give birth every year around the world, with the majority of them believing that exercise is beneficial throughout a healthy pregnancy, yet only a small percentage are actually taking action. Why is this and how can we bridge this gap?

Is it because the fitness industry has been dominated by men, or that fitness providers neglected to cater for this target market because they weren’t educated and comfortable? Either way, it is time to make a change, create more options and empower women to keep on moving throughout their pregnancy journeys.

Over the last 9 years of teaching Pre and Post Natal classes at WeBarre, I’ve met thousands of mums asking ‘Where do I start’, ‘Can I work my core’, and the classic ‘I thought I wasn’t meant to exercise during my pregnancy’. Imagine going to your usual fitness studio, then finding out you’re pregnant, then lost with how to move safely next, desperately looking for options elsewhere.

In a healthy pregnancy, exercising not only provides physical support and strength to your core, pelvic floor and posture but also a huge emotional benefit. Imagine seeing your body evolve with your pregnancy, and feeling like your body is no longer yours – exercise is key to filling your own tank and feeling like YOU again, before pregnancy and birth.

Offering women options throughout these monumental milestones in their life will not only help them see your brand as an inclusive and supportive one, but also retain them as a super loyal client for years to come. It doesn’t have to be complex, just intentional. Send your trainers to a pre and post natal training, educate your community on how they can continue moving safely with your studio, and let them know they have options. It could be a private 1:1 with a pre and post natal trained instructor, a modified set of movements in a group class, or a specialized class just for Pre and Most Natal mummies ! You will be making the biggest difference in their lives, and they will continue being your biggest advocate.

At WeBarre, we’ve seen women go through multiple pregnancies and births through our pre and post natal offerings, and continue back to our normal classes feeling empowered, strong & an inspiration to the rest of the community. And the biggest perk? They are rewarded with being the best mum they can be, moving pain free, and mobile, with the agility to run after their kids for years to come!

About Linda Tang

Linda is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Asia’s Leading Barre Studio, WeBarre and a Mum of 2. Coming from a background in brand management at P&G and Unilever, she has created a nurturing brand in WeBarre that fosters community & empowerment for women, supporting them in all stages of their lives. Being trained in barre, pilates & pre & post-natal fitness, she has a deep passion in educating women to move safely & productively during their pregnancy journey and beyond, guiding their bodies to feel strong, healthy & mobile to keep up with the demands of having and raising children.

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