Krystal Tang Director, APAC Wellbeing Solutions Aon
Director, APAC Wellbeing Solutions


Krystal Tang

Krystal Tang is the Director of APAC Wellbeing Solutions, under Aon Global Benefits, based in Singapore.

She manages an extensive portfolio of local and multinational clients and she focuses on helping these clients build a sustainable wellbeing strategy through data analytics. A psychologist who is equally passionate in the wellbeing of people and implementing successful wellbeing programs with clients, Krystal has more than 10 years of experience in the wellbeing and consulting industry in the US and Asia Pacific. She consults to local and multinational organizations in the strategy and design of corporate wellbeing programs in Asia Pacific, with a strong focus on using data analytics to inform a holistic corporate wellness strategy. Krystal has been a keynote speaker to multiple local and international events, advocating wellbeing to HR leaders. Prior to joining Aon, she was the Singapore wellness leader at a multinational consulting firm, overseeing vendor partnerships, the implementation of wellbeing programs, and was the main spokesperson for workplace wellbeing.

Krystal is also a speaker at Beyond Activ World in Singapore.