Group CEO

Eu Yan Sang

Aaron Boey

Aaron Boey is the Group CEO and Executive Director of Eu Yan Sang, a leading health and wellness company best known for its strong roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Under his leadership, the 142-year-old Eu Yan Sang group has established an extensive omnichannel presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, and China. The group distributes health and wellness products at over 180 Eu Yan Sang retail outlets and thousands of modern trade, general trade, and travel retail distribution channels. The group also operates 30 TCM clinics in its core markets, offering holistic health and wellness services that combine the best of East-West healthcare practices. Beyond its core markets, Eu Yan Sang distributes products globally and directly to end-consumers through online channels, and is gaining strong popularity among consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Southeast Asia.

Aaron brings deep expertise and experience in brand management, marketing, and retail. Prior to joining Eu Yan Sang, he held senior-level marketing and general management roles in large Asian and foreign multinational companies such as Levi Strauss & Co, Philips Consumer Electronics, and Asia Pacific Breweries. He last held the role of Executive Vice President and President, Asia-Pacific for Levi Strauss & Co., managing all the company’s brands in the region.

Beyond executive appointments, Aaron is active in the public sector. He was a board member of the Singapore Tourism Board, and the Chairman of its Finance and Investment Committee, from 2012-2017. He also served on the Singapore Economic Strategies Committee in 2009/2010. From 2010 to 2016, he was a member of the National Productivity and Continuing Education Council. He was also on the International Advisory Panel of the Institute for Asian Consumer Insight from 2010-2015. Since 2017, he has been on the Advisory Board of the Singapore Management University (SMU) Academy.

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